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CAFE RACER – Checker Tape

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Well, for more years than I even need to remember I have always used Checkers. It has gone back so many decades in the United kingdom and to me, its a must on a lot of things I do! I have them in the shop, on my Skid lid and I even have them on my van and bikes. Checkers means " first past the flag" to be a " winner ". It is something that is synonymous with the element of Speed. And that is why I always incorporate it some where when I am making something.

I have used my Checker tape on so many Cafe Racers and Hot Rods over the years, I simply lost count, but it is a big part of my life and of course, the Cafe Racer fraternity, even the corners at the Isle of Man have checkers on there to let you know there is a bend approaching.


I now offer these kits to you and they are so easy to fit, but many out there use inferior products to me and when they clear coat the checkers, their wrinkle up etc, I have used this material for ions and stay with it.


First scuff your seat so it is ready to clear coat, Then measure out how much you need of the checker tape and cut to the length you require with scissors or a knife.  Then what I do is use soapy water in a spray bottle and wet the seat base or where ever I am fitting the tape.

Apply the Checker tape and smooth any air out, and soapy water will allow this to happen easily.

I use a credit card inside a micro fiber cloth to squeegee the air bubbles out until the Checker tape is all smooth.


I am offering these colors now :


Black and White

Black and Silver

Black and Gold

Black and Red

Yellow and White

Yellow and Black

You chose what color you would like and I will send my kit out and it will be enough to checker your gas tank, your rear fender and both of your side covers, as these are the exact ones that I use on many of my creations.

I was the first to sell these here in the USA 12 years ago and am now offering these again, I shall also be manufacturing decals again for your machine, so stay tuned to the website and especially the blogs too.


Look at some of mine to give you an idea how they change the look of the part you are applying this too.