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Well, if your back is giving you a little bit of aggravation, then it is probably because the Clubmans that you are running are making you lean too low for your old and tired bones.

This is a way easier and less tiring way of riding your cafe if you have back issues as it brings your lumber back into check and as its only a few millimeters, this riser does not look out of place at all.






So, to help you out and me sometimes, I now use this set up on certain rides and thought that I would offer this set up to you lot.


This is a breeze to set up, you simply unbolt your old handlebar covers o your top triple tree, then fit these lowers to the tree, fit handlebars back and place the new caps on and then bolt through, as easy as that and you are done, this comes complete with all the hardware.


This will save your back on them super long journeys and from looking at the machine, you would not know there are risers on the bike, so still looks as cool and classic as it ever did.


Have a look and see what you think?