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Diamond Cafe Seat – Honda CB750K

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BRAND NEW Fiberglass Seat Base, Foam & Upholstery.


Is your seat old and tired?


Then treat yourself to a new cool Cafe Racer set up that we make.


The Diamond Cafe Seat is ONLY for 1969-1976 HONDA CB750K S.O.H.C. Models, it is not designed for CB750F models.

But what a great seat set up this is, all Brand new and really does change the look of your machine.

This custom seat comes with Black Naugahyde material which has been hand sewn & diamond quilting.



Classic Cafe Style - it has white piping to accentuate the look & design of the seat.


It comes with 3 fitted metal tabs so that you can attach original hinges & locks. If you want to It is ready to bolt on!




I have sold many of hese and they sure do cheer the bike up and get many compliments on the look of our design.


The one above is a bike we created for a famous Jazz singer in Korea and it gets a lot of attention out there.

Hand sewn and all upholstered with new High Density foam, this is a comfortable seat too.



The good thing with this set up is you can use your stock hinges and lock and of course get to your battery and documents too.


Also, other advantages are that your seat will be a bit lower & you are more streamlined as you are tucked into the bike.

This can be fitted real fast and your ride can use your stock seat when ever you need to change it by simply pulling your hinge pins and swapping the seat base over.


I am happy to offer these to you and yes, they are made in the USA too.




So, have a look and make your own mind up but these are really cool and, MY design of which I am happy the way they turned out.

I am glad to make this available to you.