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Drilled and polished rear Brake assembly

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Many of you contact meand ask about my cool rear brake hubs and have to admit, Yes- I was the FIRST to do these to the old CB750 bikes when i first moved here in 2000 and still do it today. But now i am offering them to you, drilled, polished and new brake shoes and springs, so you can fit them to your machine right out of the box.

Oh yes, please try and do this yourself, you will see how long this takes and even understand what I have to go through on a daily basis, but of you have had enough of alloy swarf getting everywhere, messy polishing soap landing on every inch of your wrk place, it may be just the ticket to grab our set up with none of the hassle and mess.


I have always tried to make each piece a little different, I like the way they look, they finction very wellas they let any brake dust out and of course they let air in to cool them, so it does help and boy do the look the part as well.

Here we have available these polished brake hubs and what you see is what you actually get, all you need to add is the brake arm but- we do sell them on our website under the parts page, so we have you covered in every corer, so much intact, that you can pretty much build a bike though our store and, with our very new website coming out soon, you will be able to take advantage of all the cool offers we shall have for your motorcycle needs.

Please take your time and have a good look at what we offer as these are made by Me and they are all hand drilled and do take quite some time to complete, but I am sure you will agree, this is a very cool product and I want you to see as much as you can and then it is up to you if you want to jump on this part and fit this to your favourite machine.


This certainly cleans the back end of the bike up, many people miss this and it really does make the bike a focal point once you have attached our brake hub to your machine. We also sell the finned stabilzer bar and many other parts that you can look at on the parts page as we are here to help you.


We take pride in what we do and I am sure that if you have got this far, then at least I have grabbed your attention and you can continue to read and look a the photos of what we have at Carpy's Cafe Racers.

I have been building these machines here in California since 2000 and love what I do, I have mader many friends all over the globe and it is always nice to hear from repeat customers and of course new ones that have just started to get into these fun and fast machines of yesteryear.



We can ship these to you anywhere in the globe and we always try t help you on the Customs form as I knw what it is like as I send parts back home to the UK a lot as am very experienced with pro forma forma invoices and customs declarations forms and always help our customers out.
the proof of this is we just sent to Iceland, Russia and Argentina and they had no duty to pay and were all so very happy that we went the extra mile to help them and thats what we are all about.


here at carpys cafe Racers we do our utter best to make sure you are looked after, we do get busy and I do have many emails, phone calls and walk ins to deal with but hey, thats a good busy to be right?

Take a good long look at these brake hubs, I have priced them accordingly and have sold a few sets already and I am happy that you like what we do, here in Anaheim California.


I have sent these to places all over the globe and the luster stays for many many moons and I know that once you fit this, you will sit back and just take in its polished affection that will take a hold of you.

]if you need any help on this item you can always email us at [email protected] or, if you would like to sling some coinage in the phone box, well ring us at 714-996-4597 and we are more than happy to help, leave a message if it is after hours, 8-6 is out hours though but- we are on the West coast.


I have built many machines over the years and have always made my rear brake driums like this as it is what I like to do and now other people ask me, well i dont mind making them for their machines.

Drop us a line and I will help you in any way shape or form if it is the Classic Motorcycle and even hot rod query as I love it all, we are a well rounded business with many years experience in the trader and if I cannot help, I am sure that I can point you in the right direction.


Many thanks for taking your time to look at our polished drilled brake hubs, the brake shoes that I use are EBC as I am a dealer for them and have used EBC brakes since I was a teeneager back home in the UK, a tried, trusted and tested set up.


We will continue to have more and more products for the Cafe Racer, the Brat bike, the street tracker and the classic machine, just keep checking back on us and I hope you have enjoyed the journey so far.
Remember, have fun with your machine, this is a way of life for me and I thank you all for letting me into your home.