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Drilled Front Brake Rotor CB750 1969-1976 SOHC

Part No: AAA259


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Here we are with another cool set up for your 500 pounder and what a great look this is completely drilled front Brake Rotor, ready to go on your machine?




I try and make these for all the Motorcycles that I have created and they look awesome but they also do a few other things.




One is heat Dissipation, gets rid of the build up of heat under heavy braking fast- though the holes that aerate the Rotor.

Secondly, if you are riding in the wet a lot, then this will disperse the water easily and have a better braking surface than a stock shiny flat surface.


Lastly, it looks cool as hell and goes back to the race days of yesteryear.



These are available right now- and we can send these  to you anywhere in the globe via Priority mail service.

I know that you will like how this looks on your own ride and how much better the braking will be, have a look and you decide.