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Part No: footpegs


Price: $75.00

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Here we are with a brand New set of complete Foot peg assembly for your inline four. This is for the pair so you can be all set in minutes.


Have a look at yours right this second, I guarantee they are not straight, as they get dropped, dinged, scrapped and abused over the 40 years.

So here is the perfect chance to use your 19mm wrench, undo the nut and lock washer, remove the old assembly and fit these Brand new ones that fit like a glove and not only improve the looks of your motorcycle, you will feel better now that your riding position is where it is supposed to be.





This is a good set up and being New, will last you many many years, so do yourself a favor and grab these, you will thank me later that's for sure.

This is Perfect for the restorer too as these are really a great reproduction of OEM parts and I am now making these available to you guys.

I use these on bikes that I do that do not want rear sets and boy do they look great.

We ship all over the globe and 6 days a week too, so- if you need any help with any of our parts, just email us at [email protected] or sling a bit of Silver in the telephone Box and get on that ear trumpet at; 714-996-4597 and i will do my utmost to get you sorted out and, in a timely manner too.

I have been doing this here in California for over 14 years and still enjoy getting New parts and designing cooler ones too.

Many thanks for looking and keep checking the parts page out as I add quite a few all the time.