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Here we are with NEW, Aluminum Tappet covers that I usually polish and fit to all my machines, these will fit all sorts of Honda's and now I am offering these to you for your set up.

These come in a pair and also have the O-Rings with them.

A 17mm head just as original and these are perfect for the restorer too as they are Original ones.

I have had many of the old tappet covers round off over the years as some people just tighten them too much and you end up chipping them or rounded them off to get the bloody things off the valve cover.

Have a look and see if you can use these, as they are always handy, as if you have done the opposite and not tightened one and lose it, well hard to find another, until now, so grab a bunch to keep as a spare.

Some Japanese motorcycles use these for oil plugs, Galley plugs etc so a good universal application here.

Dress up the top of your motor in an easy way as these are simple to fit, undo the old ones and fit the new. I use these every time I build a bike and am glad I do as the originals are 40 years old and worn or too much porosity and become weak.

 So, have a look and grab these as they are a good fit, Brand new and you are ready to go right out of the packaging, these come with the correct O-Rings too so this is a super deal for you.  We also ship 6 days a week and check our other parts for some cool deals.