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Honda Gas Tank Conversion

Part No: AAA155


Price: $799.98

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Here at Nostalgia Speed and Cycle I am now offering to convert your steel Gas tank that maybe looking sad and boring, and change it into my style of Cafe Racer gas tank, with knee inserts etc.

This is a cool look and many like.

So, if you want a Carpy special Gas tank like I do on a  lot of my creations, send me your tank and I will make the inserts and smooth it and primer it for you, i will also offer full color schemes if required and you are all set then to show your gas tank off and fit to your bike. Seeing as it is your Original gas tank, this will bolt right up and you will be ready to hit the tarmac in minutes.

I have done this for many people and thought I would offer the service here.

I will tank the tank down to bare metal and then put the knee inserts in by hand and then make sure all is smooth and then primered for you to paint your self, or, I can paint the tank to what ever style and color you so require.

This does tank some time and done by me, and I am sure you will like these tanks.

I have made many of these and they sure do look good on your bikes.

If there is something you would like done here at Nostalgia Speed & Cycle, send me some pics and I will try and advise you the best I can.

This will dramatically change the look of your bike, rather than the stock looking gas tank, I will send you back something that will make your head spin.

These are something to be stoked with and I am happy to help you where ever I can, be it a CB90 to a Cb900, I will do what ever needs to be done to transform your ride.

I know you are gonna dig it, I have helped many customers and I am sure that we can come up with a cool idea for your future project.

Right now I am quite busy and times do vary, depending on the complexity of the work you want doing to your Gas tank, but drop me a dime and lets have a chin wag and see if there is something I can do for you and at your budget.

I try to work with you and save some loot, and thats something we all need right now.

I start off with a stock tank that the customer send me.

Then I get to work and transform it into something cool.

This is all worth the wait as it can be quite a long process for me but I do get it all done.

And I have made many like this style for customers.

So if you have something you like, just let me know and maybe I can help you out?

I love the finished articles and many people send me their tanks and they seem all to be happy with the look they have asked for.

So let me know if I can help make one or at least advise you with your bike.

I get many emails from people, telling me they enjoy what I do and they love to get their bike looking a little different.

And I always try and help where ever I can.

So get thinking gang and drop me a few lines and I shall see what I can do for you.