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Razor Back Cafe Racer seat base

Part No: AAA165


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Here we are with another cool product an this is fresh out of the mold, this is a great looking seat base that has taken some time to get right but I really am happy at the way that this has turned out and shall use it on one of my builds later, to show you the whole look of this Classic yester-year seat.


DIMENSIONS:  26.5 inches Long:

Base is 8.5 inches at front and 10.5 at the rear of the Curve.

The seat base is 16 inches to the hump.

The hump is about10.5 inches in length.

The rear of the hump at back end tapers to 6.5 inches.


Made from sturdy Fiberglass, this seat base is a really well finished and is manufactured at a professional glass production company,

I have even fitted it to this CB500 you can see above, and it really does look great.

Smooth lines give a great accent to any motorcycle and this is now a universal fitting seat base, so have a good look at these pic's.

I have even tried it on my 883 Sportster and it looks wickedly cool.

This is fitted to my Red CB750K 1976 cafe frame and sets the whole thing off really well.

It is pretty easy to fit, as all I did on this 1975 Model was, cut the hinge brackets off, then any tabs that stuck out etc, I removed the seat lock and grinded the welded tab off the frame.

I plonked the seat onto the frame and drilled through the seat into the hole where the tool try and battery box attaches, and then drilled 2 holes where the rear brace behind the battery box is and there you go.