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Stainless Braided oil lines cb750K 1969-1976 SOHC

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These ones are for the 1969 to 1976 CB750 K models but I am selling them for the Super sport on another page just for that model, so check on that if you have a CB750F as these ones will be too short for the F model.


 We have made our own hoses for over 14 years now and we have sent these all over the globe, the ones that I supply are stainless braided hoses, on this page these are for stainless silver with Silver ends, but I sell Black hoses on another page on my site.


 Just cut the crimped band on your old hoses and then pull the alloy barbed ends out and simply push fit to our hoses, once you have these in, push the hoses in place on the bike, remembering to make sure you have your O-Ring on the motor end and the alloy crush washer inside the top end, then fit and tighten the screw and you are done.



 I use these on all our rides and have done for many many years, these really dress the engine side up of the bike really well.


 So treat your self to a set and of course your machine as that is where they get all the oil-grim and dirt on the original ones and look untidy.


 Have a look and see what you think, we love using them on our machines as the original ones just fall apart.


 We have many more cool parts for your ride, so be sure to check all the website and of course we ship all over the globe and 6 days a week too.


 Plus these are really affordable and you wont have to lose your shirt to pay for them too.



 If you are building a Cafe Racer, Chopper, Brat or a Classic looking ride, then look no further as we have done these here in California since Feb 2000.



 We were the FIRST to do these 14 years ago and still going strong.