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Well, I have run this on my Thruxton for quite some time and in a number of climates, from 105 to 45 in wind rain and sun and it is still holding up great.


This is a great set up for your Triumph Thruxton Motorcycle if you want to be able to store stuff inside the cowl, ie everything like I store like, gloves, scarf, goggles, cloth, tools and Registration etc.


Wilder are the people that set all these up and hand form the base and then machine stitch the set up to how you would like it and can handle just about any trick you need.

Available in a number of colors and styles, these are a superb fit and way more comfortable than the stock Triumph Thruxton and the great part about this is its a 5 minute fit.

The other cool thing about this seat base unit is that the base itself is contoured to the frame, thus getting rid of aching inner thighs as the stock seat base is wider at the front and is uncomfortable after a few hours in the saddle.

I have ridden mine many many miles with no issues at all.  So- if you want to treat yourself for a cool set up, then order this seat set up with the cowl or without and we will have one ready to your preference in about 7 days, how about that for service?

Check the photos and see what you think- if you want to have a comfortable ride, then this is the sure way to go and I know My Arse is so much more happier now than before.

Drop me a line at [email protected] for more information and we ship 6 days a week Globally, so we have you covered where ever you are located in the world.

My Buddy James has this on his 904 and we blap all over the place, i think we are the only two in the 59 club that are still fresh and ready for more riding as the others have to walk about as their rear ends are aching!

So, I hope you like what you see, I have sold a few of these to Customers and they all seem to like them and come back for more color options.

Narrow, Balanced

Look good while cutting the

factory seat bloat & adding a huge rear storage compartment.

Uses stock Thruxton rear cowl that now mounts flatter than stock pulling the sides in to compliment tank indents. Reveals your frame. Ample seat padding that blends into the tank with zero gap. Unique pan design gives extra clearance to hide or rearrange components under your seat. 

Lightweight terpolymer & aluminum construction. Uses stock mounting points.

Easy on. Easy off. Your choice of vinyl, color, pleat size & stitching. 

Hand made in the USA.  (Patent Pending)