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Part No: shorty megaphone


Price: $460.00

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Here we are with my latest addition to the Triumph line, here we have my new Stainless Steel 12 inch Mini-Monarchs and boy are they cool.


Rolled cones and a really smooth flow from the bend, these will flow very well, as good as my longer Monarchs and sound amazing.

The great thing about these is that they fit in 5 minutes using a 12mm wrench and an 8mm Allen head and that's it, super easy and what most people like is that you use your stock hardware, these mount up bang on.

I am designing many more parts, right now I am sorting the jig out for Stainless Steel headers for the Thruxton and Bonneville, so keep checking back.

I always make the parts to fit my very own Thruxton and to test fit etc and hope that you like the way these look?


I do make the longer versions too, so the choice is all yours to be honest, I like them both.


I will make some videos later so you can see them and of course hear them!

I will be taking more photos as I go along but hope you like these Shortys? I sure am proud of them.