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Well, I thought it was time for us to manufacture the good old seat cowl for the Thruxton and they are a super fit and ready to go, you just paint what ever color your bike is.



These are our own style and design and fit perfectly to any Thruxton and we hand lay these too, so you know these have some hours in them to make sure they fit.

Our version also have the Tab to locate in the back of the seat, many aftermarket ones do not, but we want this to sit like it should from the factory and here we are with it.



Made of sturdy Fiberglass, this is a great part for your Thruxton, also this is a great EXTRA to keep, in case you break your one.




We live and Breath motorcycles and will be making many New parts for the Thruxton as well as Bonneville etc.








We fitted this to our New Thruxton Diamond stitched seat and it fits really well.




This is a great product that we sell many of and I know you will like our parts as we are motorcyclists not just a company jumping on the bandwagon.


We have been here over 14 years and have made many parts, as well as many friends, we are here to help and if you have a Trumpy, e will be having some awesome stuff that's made from us and available at affordable prices too.


Thanks for checking us out, keep checking back as we will have everything from handle bars to exhausts, all from us and we want to be your one stop shop, we love the Trumpy and i have had them for quite a few years now.



Just drop us a line at [email protected] or sling a Dime in the slot at 714-996-4597 and we will help you the best that we can.

Peace and Grease to you all.