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Velocity Stacks polished Aluminum with Screens. CB750

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This is a Super deal and $99.99 for a set of FOUR is a Brilliant price! In Polished Alloy or $150 for a set of Brass

Here we are with some ultra clean and polished velocity stacks for your inline Four.

These are super quality and a snip to fit on your carbs.

I am using these on some of my machines as they look Classic and I was so surprised at hoe easily and snug these fitted to the Carb rack.

I have these available now and have some Brass ones as well but need to take photos and fit to another bike soon.

Also, these are a great Bang for your buck as these are $100 for all four and ready to fit to your CB750 Motorcycle, be it a K model, an F model or an Automatic, these will fit for sure.

These are really simple and easy to get onto your machine, simply screw the set screws in a few threads and then push the Velocity stack onto your 39mm carb opening.

You will need an Allen wrench size -3/32 to tighten these 10-32. 3/16 set screws.

These sure do dress the Carb area up and I know that you will be glad that you went this way, as the stock air-boxes may work well, but they sure look ugly.

So, if you have a CB750 Honda from 1969-1976, these will fit your machine with no issues at all, I use these and love them.

I also carry Custom Air Boxes as well as pod filter and New oil tanks for your machine. I am trying to be your One-Stop Shop.

Thanks for looking.