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Sta-Lube 1/4 Mile Oval Racing Art 20X30

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As you may of seen on other pages of my website, I dig many styles in cars and motorcycles etc, I love the 1930's, 1940's,1950' and 1960's era.



I love Motorcycles of course, but have had Hot rods and Customs over the years, I love them all, I really do have a great following for the old Quarter Mile Oval track Midget racers and these things were awesome to watch, I had a few old water decals from the day and thought that I would draw a few using the old Indian Ink and a Quill pen.

Sta-lube was around for ever and always meant it was fr something that was either powerful, or being raced, so here is my sketch of the old decal and I did this quite big on a 20 X 30 piece of Sturdy Foam card and it looks great.




If you are into Nostalgia like me, then maybe you would like this in your house, shed, man cave barn or where ever.

This took me a long time to draw but I enjoy doing this and hope it goes to a nice home.

Check my other pages out as i will have more and will start drawing and painting a bit more and keep adding, these make great and unique gifts too.



Thanks so much for spending your own time looking at what I really love.