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exhaust 4 into 1 CB750 SOHC Yoshimura style

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These are a great set up and value for many as we spent many months perfecting the look and style of this Performance system,.










If you are looking for a top class, specially created exhaust for your 750 Honda 1969-1978 S.O.H.C. then you have found it.

These exhausts are a replica of my Original old Yoshimura system that I used as the template a this sounds awesome.


I have a local company make these and they tend to make for other companies out there selling this style and they look and run really well.

Take a look and you will see, these are a tight frame hugging design and are available in raw steel right now, or I can get them ceramic coated in a week.


Either way a great set up.


Now, there is 2 small down falls in having a performance pipe and that is on the sohc you cannot use your main stand, you can use the side stand ok but the main stand cannot retract, as it will foul the collector.


Also, you cannot use the stock passenger foot peg location as these sit almost i that area, but you could move the peg up and inch or cut the tubing on the exhaust back until she clears the peg, other than that these are unreal.




I am now manufacturing a 'Special Edition" series 4 into 1 exhaust system.


These will fit CB750K and CB750F models.






These are built by Pro's now and boy do they sound awesome!  So, raw steel right now or wait a week and we can ceramic coat, your choice.

The exhaust is awesome, Purge welded with an awesome collector that gives better power than anything out there. This is a work of art and boy does it fit snug.

This will flow like no other 4 into 1 system in the world and hence the price.


This comes with a 8 inch removable baffle as well and you will notice a smooth power range all the way through when you re-jet the carbs.

We have sold well over 300 S.O.H.C. models and people really enjoy the look and the snarling sound of these pipes of yesteryear.


I will be taking video and also some Dyno video later on, just to show you the flow and curve of this awesome set up.

I have been developing a badge for these too and will be available soon so stay tuned to the website.

If you want a great exhaust system and a real performing set up,  this is the way to go.


I am excited to use this system and  I will be adding photo's on here. Let me know if you are interested in this exquisite Performance exhaust system.

I am taking orders at [email protected] 714-996-4597

These cool exhaust systems come in Raw Steel, but if you require Ceramic coating - we've got you covered!




If you are looking to buy them in plain, raw steel - great, we've got those ready to ship out!





OR we now have a new Ceramic Coating Service for an extra $180 - these are made to order & it may take an extra week or so until we ship your coated exhaust, but it is well worth the wait!





We love to hear from Customers as they tell us how great the exhaust sounds, it was the sound and the look that I was after for so many years and am very proud of this product as I am sure, you will be.














Check out the photos below & see if you like BLACK or SILVER better...



You make your own mind up if this is what you are looking for.
We love to ceramic coat them too as they look just like the original race systems of the day and this is a strong application to enhance the look and longivety of your system.





I have sent many of these all over the world, I make them affordable and also available right now, you cant get a better set up for this money.

Check these out.

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