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As you know, we have been playing about with our Continental and I am stoked to now announce that our megaphone is now available and of course it is in Polished Stainless steel, but next week we will have the header available too.



Have a look at the 2 little video's that I attempted on my own with the go pro and it will at least give you some sort of insight into our great exhaust.
This now sounds so different than the original exhaust and I really have fun riding the bike, we also fitted our K&N conversion and the bike pulls quite well now and I shall be pleased to add a power commander next month, but she runs great right now and I hope to put many miles on this puppy.


Here we are with our OWN Polished Stainless steel Revers Coned Megaphone and boy does she sound a lot better now the stock exhaust was removed.


So here is a before photo.


A little too boring and too much cheap Plastic and chrome for my liking, so here is how the same bike is right now with our megaphone on it.


The exhaust not only looks great it sounds 100 times better and you can hear the long stroke of the motor.


I like the way this has turned out and am now offering it to you guys and gals, I fitted this and she ran right out of the box, I have not even remapped this at all and went for a few miles ride and she as great, it kinda resembles the rumble of a little 883 Sportster once it gets going and way better than the putt putt putt of the Original tin Cannon that comes from the factory.

The exhaust is really easy to fit and what you do is use your original mounting points and on the rear, you even use the stock bolt, so this is a breeze to fit.

Have a look at the photos and this will basically show you what I did to fit the megaphone and I did this in about 5 minutes or less and was back on the road.

Just use a 10,12 and 13mm wrench and you are in business.


I know that you will be happy to see how this fits up and how the pipe sounds.


This is a great set up and have worked a long time to get this right so that you- the customer, can have a worry free part and can easily apply this to your Continental GT using minimal tools and of course, like me, fit this on your own with no hassle what so ever.

This comes as one unit and the bracket fits to where your original did and of course, we also supply a Stainless steel clamp to tighten on the header, so you are covered in all area's.

I am making more parts for the good old Royal Enfield Continental GT and have fun with my ride as I change its look and handling too.

This exhaust I designed to look like the Paul Dunstall type set up of the day and also I wanted to make this in Stainless steel, yes- it is more expensive but this is not going to go blue and Yellow like a chrome version and it is not going to rust either.

I rode her around just now and am so happy that the look is not only cool, the fit was dead easy and the sound is just completely different to what you have now.

This is a product that I am proud of and especially made in Stainless, it will stand the test of time in wetter climates as many chrome exhausts just rust or corrode away in a few months in the winter time.

 Have a long look and see what you think, I actually tried 3 different lengths and a number of different style internal baffles too, until i got the sound and look i was hoping for.

I want you to have a great part and obviously come back as a repeat customer, as this is my life and I really do take things personally and want to make sure that you are happy with what we produce for you.

We ship 6 days a week and to all over the globe and we certainly help out with the Customs forms as we make sure that the Gift box is ticked, so you do not have to pay that Duty they try and hound you on over sea's.

Look at the photo's, you will see that we really do have a passion for the Older style bikes, the pipe is great to look at, the lines are smooth and all flow.

If you need any more information on this or any of our parts, well you can either email us on here at:  [email protected] or you can sling some coins in the Ear Trumpet and reach us at: 714-996-4597 and we are here to help.

I shall add some sound bytes later and a Video, so keep checking back on the website.



ONLY $260

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