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OK, fed up with your speedometer cable braking?


Is your speedometer needle bouncing like a new born on mums lap?

I have the solution right here for you as I am using this cool 4 inch Speedometer that has the old school look and I am happy with the way it looks and feels.

The whole unit alone is not even 5 ounces and it secures with a knurled ring that is so easy to get too.

Plus, there is no big speedometer cable as this runs from satellites in outer space, a really smart and good looking set up.

It comes ready to go like the one you see that I am using.

I chose mine to go 160 but here is the cool thing, for a little extra, you can customize the face to have what ever you want on the face.

This also has an LED Odometer to track your miles too.

This comes with everything and even has a small " inverter" that powers the lighting inside the Gauge, and is a small box you can hide in the headlight etc.

I am fitting this to my ride " Rice Boiler" and I am just making a bracket that will be available with this set up, so that way you can just hook the electrical and you are done.

See, even in white looks cool.

These are custom and take 2-3 weeks before ready but well worth the wait.

So there you go, these are available through me n 41/2 inches, 4 inches or 3-3/8 inches, just ask when ordering.