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Clubman Handle Bars Chrome or Black 7/8

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Well, after all the emails I have been receiving as of late, I thought it was time that I offered my Club-man Handlebars to you.

These are 7/8 Clubman's and ready to use on your CAFE RACER. 28" Width with a 0.8 Rise. They have a 6" Pullback and 4.8 center.
I use these Clubman's on all of my creations, well made and sturdy too. Always a cool stance and fun to ride. I always use these bars and have done for many many years. Have a look and see what you think, I am certain you will like my set up.

Ok, here are some things you may want to know when fitting these to your bike.

If you have time and patience, you can drill the bars and pull the wires through them and into the back of the headlight.

I have tried that route and hate it, just causes me to get red in the face and use more swear words than a drunk Sailor.

So here is the deal...

I take the switches off, then I use a dremel, and "C" notch the switch, thus allowing the wires to exit the switch underneath the bars and when you tighten the switches, the wires will not squash.

Then straight into the back of the light, plus if you need to remove the bars quick, your not pulling on the wires like a Tug of war to get them damn things out again.

This does add that touch of Nostalgia to your Motorcycle and they look tougher than a Bull Dyke. These handlebars are a timeless Classic & fit ANY bike with 7/8 Bars.

I am selling the GT Grips now too, click here to check them out!

Look at the way the bike has a fast stance, just with this set up.


These are the same handlebars I use on all of my Cafe Racer Motorcycles and now is the time for me, to share these with you.

I have seen so many generic styles of Clubmans and have tried pretty much all of them over a 30 year span and, these ones are the best I have used.

Many seem as cramped as O.J. Simpsons glove, others have welds that are weaker than a flat battery. So, here are my own ones that I swear by.


Strong welds and more ergonomic than most I have seen around.


May as well buy from the one store that caters just for Cafe Racers. I really enjoy what I create and, I also enjoy what other people build and ride, as long as it is a cafe racer. Can be any Brand and any color, just fly the Cafe Racer flag.

If you want the Right Cafe racer Look, then here it is, MY Clubman set up. These will give you the feeling of the race track.

These are way better than many on the market, a tried and tested formula with me. You will have fun riding with these bars, easy to fit and look the part too.

These 7/8 bars have been used for decades and still go strong today. So, get in your garage and start wrenching with my Clubman handlebars.