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Part No: AAA0146


Price: $79.99

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This Battery box is another cool part from the shop and now available for you.

This is a direct replacement for your old tired battery box set up.

Really easy to fit, remove your old one and simply bolt this puppy in its place.

A nice touch for your ride and I am stoked on how it looks.

You can show it off with no side covers. Made of 8th inch 50/51 8th inch Aluminum.
So, have a look and see what you think for your Cafe Racer machine.
This is a really cool piece that I am sure you would like to have on your machine, a look of yesteryear and boy does it look the part.
I have fitted this to the latest Cafe racer I am building right now and am so glad I designed these as it fitted so easy.
If you want that great Classic look of Race days gone by, look no further, this is a good part and priced well too.
Polishing is available: Add $30.00