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Well, As soon as I took ownership of my New Royal Enfield Continental GT, there were a few things that I simply must address, as I simply do not like the lines of the machine with a few items that they fitted in India.

Now, this is all personal choice, but I think I have made a good one by fitting a very Classic looking 7" Chromed Metal headlight assembly.


This is a tried and tested part and i knew that this would be just the ticket for the Royal Enfield and am sure happy that I now have this on my Motorcycle, as it screams Nostalgia and of course, this has a Modern 55w Halogen bulb in it to give you something to see quite well at night.


So, if you want to change the look of the front end for the better, this really is a great way and very easy to accomplish to be honest.



The headlight is overall 7 inches across and the lens is about 61/4 overall, and you simply Bolt the headlight in place of your Original one, now, there are many headlights out there but you cannot get all the wiring behind the lens in many and out version works great.


Simply remove your headlight and feed the wires into the New headlight, hook them to connectors, then connect the three prong headlight socket to the bayonets on the light and tighten 2 screws and you are done.

This really does change the look of the motorcycle and I hope you like what we have done here and in about 20 minutes or less, you are back on the road.


We also sell the Chrome turn signals as well for the Royal Enfield, as I did not like the large ones that came with the bike, so check the website for that as we want to make sure that you like these, we have tested all on my Royal Enfield and I love it.


Check the rest of the site out as we go along, as we not only have new parts but a New site coming out in a few weeks too.



We shall be having headlights, signals, seats, exhausts and many other great additional parts to make your life easier but cooler too.


Send us some photos of your Royal Enfield as we love to see what you have been doing with your machine as this is such a big part of our lives here and we live and breath motorcycles.