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Large (Red) Oil Pressure Light

Part No: AAA018

Price: $29.99

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Hey there Cafe Nutters

Here we are with another edition to the Cafe Racer parts page.

This time how about a really important Warning light, yep, the good old oil presure Light, this is always needed on your machine and I chose this style because it was so Yester-year looking.


This is a nice size light that fits to where ever you want it to go, it is secured by a big brass nut and fits snug into the area you require.


I have used these on my my bikes and really like the way they look and of course-function.

This is a 12 volt set up and easy to plug the 2 spade connectors into and then connect inside your headlight to your harness.


I use these on my ignition relocation brackets and boy do they look cool.

I also sell the Green Neutral light too, so check the parts page for that item and other parts while you are there.


I am sure you will be glad that you used these, as I do for sure.