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I have added New product to our pages every day and today is no exception

This time we have a very cool AMBER display light that serves as many functions as we shall be using them as either a display light or using it as a Turn signal.


These 12 volt 3 LED systems are great and Bright as hell.



If you are looking for an Amber LED light, then shop no further, we offer the RED on here too so check that one out whilst ya here.

The cool thing is they only need a 3/4 hole drilled to fit and they are so simple to fit.

Also they have a 3 wire option so you could have a dual light, but we just use the Red and the White wires for a single light but the choice is there for you.

These are very cool looking and have a Stainless Steel Bezel that gives that light the Classic look and something that I really like.

Perfect for a display on top of your headlight or Custom panel or used as a turn signal as they are bright enough for that.