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Stainless Steel Round Tail Light

Part No: AAA092


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OK, many have asked about my tail lights, as well as other stuff, so, here we are with them now available for your steed.

This is the coolest and it is now available for all to use on their rides.

This Tail light is of a sturdy construction, and has a Glass lenses, not any of that plastic, cheap crap you get from the Philippines.

This is a great product and I use these, I like the way they sit and function.

This was used on the Rocket Four Cafe Racer I designed and built and it really is a cool set up.

A very cool Stainless steel polished finish to the Bezel and the glass is thicker than Rhino crap.

This is a 2 filament light, so you have running lights and of course you also have a brake light too, so this covers all the legal requirements for your bike.

It is really easy to fit and wire up, just use a bullet connector and attach to your harness, and ground the body to the green on your wire loom, easy as that.

This is a 2 wire set up and easy to fit.

Comes ready to go, with a 12 Volt bulb.

The size of this beutey is 3 3/4 inches and would brighten up any rear end for sure.

Many of you ask about my Creations and my parts, I am more than willing to help you purchase them with you.

I am not one to hold my cards too close to my chest and I know you lot dig what I do, else, you would not be this far down my website right?

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy this light, I know I did and shall be using this allot.

Peace and Grease