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Here we are once more and with a great Custom Oil Tank set up for your inline four Honda Motorcycle.


Be it a Custom,Chopper or full on Cafe Racer, this is a great looking and unique oil tank to suite your ride.


This is a handmade Pill- oil tank and is all ready for your favorite ride.

Also this oil tank comes with 1/8th inch barb, drain plug and mounting bolts for you to fit the part more easily.

If you want to lose them side covers and open up your frame for that Custom Race look, then this is a super way to do that as we also sell a lithium battery in different sizes so you can hide the battery somewhere else etc.

 Now- I shall be taking photos of how I fit this to a frame, so that way, you lot have an easy to understand library of helpful photo's to show the assembly of this cool oil Tank kit and you will soon be on your merry way again.

You will receive this is Plain steel and its ready for paint if you so wish, or clear coat over the steel for that raw industrial look that you are seeking, which ever way you look at this oil Tank, it is a really cool set up and something that is the Heart of your machine, supplying automotive blood through the veins of the engine.

The capacity of the oil tank is 3 Quarts, and is available from us and we will ship all over the globe as we do everything else.

The tank is 11 inches in length and 5 inches in Girth and comes with a really cool screw in oil Cap.

This also has an adapter that comes with it, so that way you can simply bolt the alloy adapter to the motor, the oil seals and bolts will be supplied, then once that is fitted, attach your barbed fitting, then attach your hose to the barb and hose clamp tight and that's that part completed, simply then attach the hose the barbs on the feed and return barbs and you are done with that, the next is the vent that runs from the back of your motor to the barb on the tank and there you go all sorted out.

You will be stoked how this looks and how easy it was to hook all up.  Oh- yes, I forgot to add how much this Pill Tank weighs.

4.6 pounds.


I am sure you will be glad you went this route and can now spend more time either riding or getting your special ride up to the standard you really want.