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Stainless Braided Oil Lines

Part No: AAA042


Price: $99.00

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Are your oil lines as beat up as a certain Arabian well?

Is your gleaming machine let down by the drab rope-ish looking lines?

Have you had enough trying to clean them lines up with boot polish?

Well if you have, and I know I bloody well have.

Have a gawp at these set that I have made.

These are made by me and I use aircraft quality Braided hoses and stainless clamps.


The fittings are as shiney as the Queens crap house.

I was always fed up with snotty oil lines, that canvass design covered hose is about as appealing as herpes.

If your hoses are as frayed as a second hand flying carpet, then this will be right up your street.

They not only brighten your oil tank area up and is very functional.

These will increase the life of the bike as the hoses will last longer than a Viagera guinnea pig.

These take quite some time to make, as I have to find some old hose ends, sand and polish them and then make the hoses.

More than $100 in pure labor alone, but I know what it is like to pay for parts and I try to keep these as cheap as I dare.

Anyway, a great dress up kit for your 500 pounder.

This is the price for the PAIR of hoses.