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Chrome Diamond 12v turn signals set of 4

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Well, I had my Royal Enfield about 10 minutes and just did not like the stock versions at all, big license plate and Plastic turn signals that were just terrible.





So what we did was pull the stuff off that I didn't like and that meant the turn signals, the headlight and the mirrors too.

Once the Turn Signals were removed, we then went and fitted out cool turn signals, these really are a good style and they work well as I have been using these for about 14 years on many bikes I have created and continue to fly the flag on this style.


They are 12 volts and Steel bodies that are chrome, none of that plastic rubbish and also they are pretty bright too, and easy to fit as we make a bracket for these if you want to fit them like we do or make your own.

These are available right now and we ship all around the globe, 6 days a week.

Be seen and be safe and these at least look cool compared to them plastic monstrosities.

I simply cut the old connectors and as these ground through the bike just one wire in the left signal wire and the other side the same, dead easy and fitted and working in less than 10 minutes.

If you want some stylish looking turn signals that are not that Plastic rubbish, then grab these, they work very well and I dig them for sure, else I would not have them on my personal machine.

This machine is starting to look cool and keep checking back for more parts, Shocks now available and next week the Megaphone exhaust will be finished too.