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Here we are then with our New finned Shock set up for your GT.


I bought a brand New R.E. Last week and am already changing things around to make it not only look better but make the machine handle a lot more smoother for sure.





Here are our shocks that we are now using and I like the way these look, they are a great Old style look with the piggy Back reservoir and fibbed casing that screams yester-year.

A very cool set up and to help many of you out there, these are about an inch and a half lower to get that cornering right is a cool thing and you may be able to touch the floor with your feet flat on the tarmac.


Remove your Paoli shocks and bolt these babies on and you will love how they look and I am really happy with how they look on My Red machine.


Soon the exhaust will be gone for one of our New Megaphones, so stay tuned for that.


The bike has had many changes and we sell the headlight, signals, shocks, Mirrors and new parts coming out every week from our shop.


This is something that you may like, I know I do and this is so much better than the horrible color of the Factory versions.


We shortened the rear fender and License plate as well as our cool custom turn signals so this is all starting to look like a Cafe Racer.



I am having fun with the Royal Enfield and I am sure to be having a few meet ups so we can all elbow the tarmac.


Hope that you like what we do here, this is a passion of ours and have been here in the States over 14 years and we love to help you lot out.



We ship all over the globe and look after you on the customs forms , that way you don't get scary duty fee;s etc as we know what we are doing.

Stick with us, keep following the website as its changing and I am sure you are going to like it. We ship 6 days a week and hope you enjoy our products and what we do here at CCR.