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CB750 F Seat Base

Part No: AAA057


Price: $130.00

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Here we go with the good old CB750 F seat base, designed for the Super Sport model of the good old S.O.H.C.  variety.

I have sold many of these and they are pretty easy to fit too, and I am sure that you will like the look of this seat set up.

This seat base has these dimensions:  25 1/4" long : 7" high at hump on the rear : 14" seat area: hump is 11" in length. Rear is 9" wide: The seat base as an birds eye view is: 10 " wide at the rear of the flat seat pan and is 8 1/8th at the front.

There is also a lip at the front that is the correct shape to fit into your Super Sport gas tank.

It has 2 tabs at the rear so you can use bolts or, mount your turn signals too, thus allowing the seat base to swivel up and down if you so wish.