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Razorback Seat Base CAFE RACER

Part No: AAA173


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Here is the Razor Back on my "Rice Boiler" machine.




Here we go with a Brand Spanking New Seat Base that I have created, I have aptly named this the Razorback and I really do like the style that this gives off.

Goes to the bad old race days and screams out Nostalgia.


This is 26 inches long and although i fit these on the CB750 HONDA'S, these tend to be a universal fit, as I have tried these on a 500 Honda as well as a Harley too.




This is a sturdy seat base that is ready to use on your machine, I have had up to a 300 pound rider test this and no issues at all.





A good looking seat base and affordable too.





 If you really want a great seat base that looks the part and is a good fit, then this is it right here.



 I love the curve and the style, I made this by hand and it took quite a few weeks to get it how I wanted it and am happy with the outcome.





See how cool it is once it is painted and upholstered?


I am going to use a few of these on projects as they fit so tight and snug.


We ship all over the world and these seat bases are great, I use them on many of my machines.