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CB750F Boxed Swing Arm (Standard)

Part No: AAA035

Price: $249.99

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Ok, here we go, this is JUST for the CB750F Super Sport enthusiasts.


How about this super strong Boxed swing arm that will really help the look and feel of the rear of your machine.


Take a look at this really cool set up of mine that i have created and have used a few times and love this look.


As you can see, the set up is a really classic style, very simular to the good old dresda days of Yester year.

This is really easy to fit too. And as I have fitted a few of these now, i have them available to order for your machine.

Have a look and see what you think.

I really enjoy riding with this set up on the bike. These used to take up to 4 weeks to make, as I had to wait for the Bronze material to ship in from the UK, but now I have found a supplier in the USA, and these now take between 7-10 days to make. I shall be moving to an 8000 square feet Speed Shop next month and can gear up for more parts and less time waiting.