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Finned “Ton Up” Stabilizer Bar

Part No: AAA049


Price: $120.00

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This is for my New stabilizer bar for the CB750 K series from 1969-1978.

I have made many cool designs and this is the next one, I have another 2 others that you will see on ther website and between these, you can make your mind up which style you would like to add to your ride.

Made out of 6061, this is a thick solid bar that i have machined and then polished to look like chrome, no expense has been spared and I do know you will like the look of this.

I was the FIRST to make all these parts here in the USA and am continuing to now step it up and make many more cool parts for the SOHC and the DOHC models, so keep checking the website for more great products.

Also, I do listen to you all and spend quite some time in R&D and get this stuff to fit pretty easily and from the feedback i have had, I seem to be doing pretty good, as I have many return customers.

If you like something that screams Nostalgia, then this is right up your alley.