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Hey gang

OK, here at Nostalgia Speed and Cycle, I try and come up with Quality goods and I have done a lot of research into materials these days.

My tanks are a little more expensive, Why?

Simply put.

Quality Well made and now well tested in many countries.


Now, I have spent a lot of time trying to sort this de-lamination out with the oxygenated fuels in different parts of the country.

Now I I have found the product that seals the gas tank from all fuels and have had all positive results from this.

I tried a few bikes in Alaaka and then one down to Florida and 4 months later and on the road, thair glass tanks are all good.

I have even stuck one in a -40 degree freezer.

This is ready to rock.


And, my gas tanks now have the ears supplied with them, so no more scratching ya head, these use your original frame rubber bungs.

I supply the Cee cup attachments and then you decide where you wanrt to mount them.

Honestly, I promote motorcycles in a big way, I want to have a product that not only looks the Dogs bollocks, but really is a very functional piece and will give you miles of smiles.

This tank now has Steel Plates on both bottom layers of the gas tank, so that you can drill and fit your petcock and also if you want, attach more anchor straps etc.

I am concentrating on more parts now, so stay tuned.


Yes, I ship all over the World, I just sent a tank and seat to AFRICA and  a few sets of tanks and seats to Argentina.


The Cafe Racer virus is out and spreading like hot butter on toast.

This gas tank you see has taken some research time to get just right and no issues like many I have tried.

Alot of companies sell their parts and thats it, I guess thats fine, but I want you to come back and inform me that you are stoked with the products that I produce.

I am now receiving alot of emails stating that. I am also going to be making the Dunstall style tank now I have the resin sorted and making some for DOHC too.

I have just finished that model as well, so you lot can all go riding together.